[ipxe-devel] wimboot

Michael Brown mbrown at fensystems.co.uk
Wed Sep 26 23:28:13 UTC 2012

On Thursday 27 Sep 2012 00:08:55 Marek Salwerowicz wrote:
> > Tested on every version of Windows from Vista through to Server 2012. 
> > Typical download time for WinPE is around two seconds.
> I've tested it and wimboot is really fast ;)
> unfortunately, as I see, it's useless on a diskless machines with iSCSI
> storages attached - WinPE doesn't see the sanhooked drive ;(

I have tested with iSCSI; WinPE _is_ able to see (and install to) the 
sanhooked drive.  There's an annoying 60-second timeout while Windows waits to 
see if the (virtual) boot disk is going to show up as an iSCSI disk, but once 
it times out it does all work as expected.

How did you create your WinPE image?


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