[ipxe-devel] wimboot

Marek Salwerowicz marek_sal at wp.pl
Wed Sep 26 23:08:55 UTC 2012


W dniu 2012-09-18 16:35, Michael Brown pisze:
> Hi all,
> Another new feature that may be of interest: the ability to boot arbitrary
> Windows PE images (.wim format) via a straightforward HTTP download.  (Faster
> than HTTP SAN-booting or TFTP and, unlike with memdisk, you don't lose the
> memory used for the ramdisk image.)
> Tested on every version of Windows from Vista through to Server 2012.  Typical
> download time for WinPE is around two seconds.
I've tested it and wimboot is really fast ;)

unfortunately, as I see, it's useless on a diskless machines with iSCSI 
storages attached - WinPE doesn't see the sanhooked drive ;(

So I need to stay with PXE+TFTP method for booting the WinPE and 
installing systems to iSCSI targets.


Marek Salwerowicz

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