[ipxe-devel] In order to ooting ESXi mboot.c32 from ipxe enable IMAGE_COMBOOT in general/config.h

Thomas Glanzmann thomas at glanzmann.de
Sun Sep 9 14:57:32 UTC 2012

Hello Brandon,

> I decided to try this out to see if I could get the same thing.
> Working with Michael and Robin in IRC, we actually were finding things
> about the same time you were. Once I uncompressed the tboot.b00, and
> renamed it back to what it was, it then found it as a Multiboot image. 

I did the same thing.

> I then ran into another issue, where the number of multiboot modules
> is limited to 8. You can change this in arch/i386/image/multiboot.c
> (line 55), and see the comment there on why it is set as such.  I
> raised mine to 70 (little bit higher then the full amount of modules).
> Using the options that Robin provided earlier (with 9 modules), and
> DEBUG=multiboot, I get the following:
> http://node4.smart-serv.net/~brandon/mboot-debug2.png

I increased the number of modules, recompiled and I'm getting a reboot.
That looks like a double page fault.

Now the question is, is that related to the tboot.b00 or to the ipxe
version. I think, I'll retry with an older ESX version and see if that


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