[ipxe-devel] Flashing Intel NICs with BootUtil.exe

Brandon Penglase bpenglase-ipxe at Spaceservices.net
Tue Oct 30 15:02:23 UTC 2012

	I was wondering if anyone has found the same thing that I did,
while trying to flash Intel NICs with iPXE. If you go and download the
latest preboot.exe (I got mine from here:
version 17.4, which gives a bootutil.exe version of, it
apparently does not like the rom format that iPXE presents. When I try
to use it, I get the following (I renamed the rom file for later):

>bootutil -nic=1 -up=pxe -file=80861229.iba

Intel(R) Ethernet Flash Firmware Utility
BootUtil version
Copyright (C) 2003-2012 Intel Corporation

ERROR: Input file invalid format

Port Network address Series  WOL Flash Firmware     Version
==== =============== ====== ==== ================== =======
 1   0002B365A2E0    10/100 YES  Flash Unknown

(Note, echo %errorlevel% shows error 14).
Also, I tried the bootutil in Linux, and got the same error. I also
tried many forms of the filename, and it didn't change the error.

However, grabbing the old prorpl.exe, from
version 10.4, IBAUtil version, it works fine, with the

>ibautil.exe -nic=1 -restore
Intel(R) Boot Agent Utility
IBAUtil Version
Copyright (C) 2002-2004 Intel Corporation

Restoring image on NIC1 from file 80861229.IBA...done

NIC Network Address Series  WOL Boot ROM Type    Version
=== =============== ======  === ================ ========
 1  0002B365A2E0    10/100  YES PXE/RPL	         88.106.129

Indeed, upon reboot, I'm presented with iPXE.

In my searching, I found an old forum posting, with suggestions from
Robin, however no reply after that:
Trying the suggestion (also suggested by Shao on IRC), I reduced the
size of the image, and padded it to the size of one saved from the
bootutil, and I still got the same error message. 

At this point, it seems either the ROM needs to be saved in a new
format for the bootutil, or we have to use the old ibautil to flash it.

Has anyone found this, or found a way to get it to work with the new

	Brandon Penglase

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