[ipxe-devel] Recent tg3 driver commits still fail on gigabit

Brandon Penglase bpenglase-ipxe at Spaceservices.net
Fri Oct 19 02:41:31 UTC 2012

FYI to all, apparently Apple's Thunderbolt to Ethernet adapter
uses the 57762 chip (PCI ID 14e4:1682). Looks like these
patches also fixes an issue with that card. A person by the name of
BoRiS came into the IRC channel reporting that this adapter with a
Retina Macbook Pro, was not working (even on 100mbit). Once these
patches were applied, it started working. 

Maybe this also is the fix for the other thread about the iMacs?

	Brandon Penglase

On Tue, 16 Oct 2012 17:20:16 +0000
"Kevin Tran" <ktran at broadcom.com> wrote:

> Attached are the patches that will fix issues where iPXE fails in
> 1Gbps mode when APE (management firmware) is disabled.  Brandon and
> others have confirmed that these patches fixed their problems.  
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> From: Kevin Tran 
> Sent: Monday, October 08, 2012 3:28 PM
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> Subject: RE: [ipxe-devel] Recent tg3 driver commits still fail on
> gigabit
> Hi Brandon,
> We were able to reproduce the issue you reported on BCM5764m.  We
> already resolved this.   I will send you the fixes on other e-mail.
> Once you confirm that your issue is fixed, we will submit the changes.
> Thanks!
> Kevin
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> Subject: Re: [ipxe-devel] Recent tg3 driver commits still fail on
> gigabit
> Kevin,
> 	Thanks for getting back to us.
> 	It seems the only b57diag I've been able to find is from 2004
> (or earlier). The download I'm finding on the website is for
> b57udiag, which doesn't seem to have the -b57eng option. When I use
> the one from 2004, I get "Invalid device 0 requested." I don't
> believe there is any sort of management on this machine that would be
> involved. It's a Dell FX160, BIOS A07. It does have the ImageServer
> option, but it is not currently enabled. According to the b57udiag
> -dir it finds: 0 5764M:B0 02:00:0 Ex1 250 FEBF 10 128k/128k
> 00262d21e4ec 5764m-v3.35 W
> 	If it helps, I only have the problem when booting with a
> ipxe.usb thats been DD'd to a 2gb thumb drive. I haven't tried a CD
> yet, but using the built in UNDI to chainload to iPXE ends up working
> fine. I have used two different gigabit switches, the original was a
> 16port Linksys one, the current is a 8port Netgear GS108.
> 	Brandon Penglase

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