[ipxe-devel] DHCP failing on Intel 82579V Gigabit [8086:1503] after PXE boot

Robin Smidsrød robin at smidsrod.no
Sun Nov 11 18:45:57 UTC 2012

On 08.11.2012 12:26, Richard Moore wrote:
> Intel 82579V Gigabit [8086:1503]
> Failing to see? DHCP server response after PXE boot with undionly.
> So I can only assume it doesn't appear to be seeing the DHCP server
> responses?
> (This machine seems to work ok using ipxe .lkrn from a USB stick rather
> than PXE boot.)
> Have attached two packet traces from wireshark, one is of the failing
> machine and other is previous laptop model just to show setup is
> working.

If undionly.kpxe fails to communicate, but ipxe.usb/iso/lkrn works, it
would be useful to see a packet capture from the perspective of the DHCP
server when booting each of these two drivers on the same hardware. It
would be most useful if you only include packets that either have the
troublesome machines MAC address set as source or destination (and any
broadcast packets).

With this the developers should be able to pinpoint the difference.
Remember to capture full packets (-s 0 if using tcpdump). Anything else
has limited usefulness for debugging.

Also mention which version you were using and if you had any
non-standard configuration options set in src/config/*.h or on the make
command line.

-- Robin

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