[ipxe-devel] [ipxe] Adoptation of IPv6 from gPXE (#6)

ya-mouse reply+i-5236036-f179cc4d3a0ed992d8ef2501bf1d9bc0b31e8e17-709460 at reply.github.com
Sun Jun 24 14:32:28 UTC 2012

This is the first patch to support auto configuration based on Router Advertisement packets received via ICMPv6. It required to extend "rx" methods with "netdev" structure to pass it deeper routines.

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-- Commit Summary --

* [config] Add empty local sideband.h configuration file
* [config] Remove sideband.h local config cause' it's automatically created by DEPs
* [config] Include local configuration for sideband.h
* [config] Enable IPv6 by default
* [ipv6] Adopt IPv6 support from gPXE project made by Matthew Iselin <matthew at theiselins.net>
* Merge branch 'master' of git://github.com/ipxe/ipxe

-- File Changes --

M contrib/rom-o-matic/flag-table.php (25)
M src/config/config.c (4)
M src/config/general.h (1)
M src/config/sideband.h (2)
M src/core/resolv.c (11)
M src/core/settings.c (67)
M src/core/uri.c (20)
M src/include/ipxe/dns.h (7)
M src/include/ipxe/icmp6.h (44)
M src/include/ipxe/in.h (7)
M src/include/ipxe/ip6.h (89)
M src/include/ipxe/ndp.h (104)
M src/include/ipxe/settings.h (30)
M src/include/ipxe/tcpip.h (10)
M src/net/icmp.c (3)
M src/net/icmpv6.c (153)
M src/net/ipv4.c (2)
M src/net/ipv6.c (811)
M src/net/ndp.c (180)
M src/net/tcp.c (9)
M src/net/tcpip.c (5)
M src/net/udp.c (10)
M src/net/udp/dns.c (48)
M src/usr/route.c (13)

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