[ipxe-devel] Current IPXE snapshot doesn't compile allbaseroms

Marc Cluet marc.cluet at ubuntu.com
Tue Jan 10 15:37:22 UTC 2012

Hi Michael,

I'm trying to update the current ipxe packaging in Ubuntu for doing some tests of my own

I tried to use allroms instead of allbaseroms as you suggest, I do still get another different rom failing (this is again from the latest git snapshot)

$ make -C src V=1 NO_WERROR=1 allroms
make: Entering directory `/home/ubuntu/packaging/mytest/src'
objcopy -O binary -R .zinfo bin/168c0023.rom.tmp bin/168c0023.rom.bin
objcopy -O binary -j .zinfo bin/168c0023.rom.tmp bin/168c0023.rom.zinfo
./util/zbin bin/168c0023.rom.bin bin/168c0023.rom.zinfo > bin/168c0023.rom.zbin
Add 0+0x124 at 0x2 overflows 1-byte field (18432 bytes too big)
make: *** [bin/168c0023.rom.zbin] Error 1
make: *** Deleting file `bin/168c0023.rom.zbin'
rm bin/168c0023.rom.zinfo bin/168c0023.rom.bin
make: Leaving directory `/home/ubuntu/packaging/mytest/src'

What route would you suggest to solve or go around this?

Thank you for your help!


On 10 Jan 2012, at 14:59, Michael Brown wrote:

> On Tuesday 10 Jan 2012 10:46:05 Marc Cluet wrote:
>> I'm trying to compile the latest git snapshot (55f6c88) with the
>> allbaseroms option, this is right now not on the default Makefile but I
>> add it (as it is supported)
>> === Makefile ===
>> allbaseroms allbasemroms : allbase%s : $(foreach
>> ROM,$(DRIVERS),$(BIN)/$(ROM).%) === Makefile ===
>> Doing "make allbaseroms" results in the following error
>> ./util/zbin bin/ath9k.rom.bin bin/ath9k.rom.zinfo > bin/ath9k.rom.zbin
>> Add 0+0x124 at 0x2 overflows 1-byte field (18432 bytes too big)
>> make[2]: *** [bin/ath9k.rom.zbin] Error 1
>> make[2]: *** Deleting file `bin/ath9k.rom.zbin'
>> Could someone please help me? :)
> ath9k is too large to fit inside a .rom.  You can build ath9k.mrom.  However, I 
> don't think that ath9k cards will have an expansion ROM BAR anyway.
> I don't see the point of your "allbaseroms" target.  Many BIOSes will reject 
> ROMs if the PCI vendor and device IDs embedded within the ROM don't match 
> those of the PCI card itself.
> "allbasemroms" also seems not to be useful; .mrom is usable only on cards that 
> can support a .mrom image (i.e. cards that have at least one memory BAR that 
> is at least as large as their expansion ROM BAR).
> What are you aiming to achieve with your "allbaseroms" and "allbasemroms" 
> targets?
> Michael

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