[ipxe-devel] Current IPXE snapshot doesn't compile allbaseroms

Michael Brown mbrown at fensystems.co.uk
Tue Jan 10 13:59:34 UTC 2012

On Tuesday 10 Jan 2012 10:46:05 Marc Cluet wrote:
> I'm trying to compile the latest git snapshot (55f6c88) with the
> allbaseroms option, this is right now not on the default Makefile but I
> add it (as it is supported)
> === Makefile ===
> allbaseroms allbasemroms : allbase%s : $(foreach
> ROM,$(DRIVERS),$(BIN)/$(ROM).%) === Makefile ===
> Doing "make allbaseroms" results in the following error
> ./util/zbin bin/ath9k.rom.bin bin/ath9k.rom.zinfo > bin/ath9k.rom.zbin
> Add 0+0x124 at 0x2 overflows 1-byte field (18432 bytes too big)
> make[2]: *** [bin/ath9k.rom.zbin] Error 1
> make[2]: *** Deleting file `bin/ath9k.rom.zbin'
> Could someone please help me? :)

ath9k is too large to fit inside a .rom.  You can build ath9k.mrom.  However, I 
don't think that ath9k cards will have an expansion ROM BAR anyway.

I don't see the point of your "allbaseroms" target.  Many BIOSes will reject 
ROMs if the PCI vendor and device IDs embedded within the ROM don't match 
those of the PCI card itself.

"allbasemroms" also seems not to be useful; .mrom is usable only on cards that 
can support a .mrom image (i.e. cards that have at least one memory BAR that 
is at least as large as their expansion ROM BAR).

What are you aiming to achieve with your "allbaseroms" and "allbasemroms" 


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