[ipxe-devel] vesamenu.c32 freezes

Pereira pereira at informatik.uni-freiburg.de
Thu Oct 20 13:47:19 UTC 2011

Hello everyone,

I tried to implement a user-specific bootmenu as described in this
tutorial ->  http://etherboot.org/wiki/appnotes/authmenus
I use the vesamenu.c32 (Syslinux 3.86) directly, therefore chaining
vesamenu.c32 with a dynamically generated menu.cfg.

When a user has successfully logged-in, he gets a menu with a list of
groups he is member of. After choosing a group another
vesamenu is loaded with the specific bootmenu of that group. He also has
the choice to switch group or log-out bz returning to the previous menu.
Every option in the loginmenu or groupmenu loads an ipxe script which
then loads vesamenu.c32 with a new menu.cfg.

So the sequence is something like this:
bios ->  pxe ->  ipxe ->  vesamenu.32 (login-menu)<=>  vesamenu.c32
(group-menu)<=>  vesamenu.c32 (bootmenu)

Everything works fine, I get a default-menu with the option to log-In,
after login a group menu is displayed and after that
the bootmenu is displayed.

The problem: I can switch between the different menus exactly 5 times,
then the computer freezes,
if I have debug messages enabled it falls back to the ipxe shell.

Is it maybe because of the limited heap size in ipxe? What exactly
happens when vesamenu.c32 is loaded out of ipxe?
The ipxe instance is still running in background?

Any help is greatly appreciated!

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