[ipxe-devel] Windows XP just reboots all time in the logo screen

Daniel García abuelandersson at gmail.com
Mon Oct 17 08:36:53 UTC 2011


I've reinstalled the driver as i've been told. I've also activated the
"Verbose output" option. But it still reboots. I've attached to this mail
the error report.

I've connected the physical disk to my client computer and it boots
correctly. But if you look in the WinDbg report, it seems to load the
sanbootconf driver, but it's almost the last driver to load. Maybe is that
the problem? How I can change the loading order of the modules? I've also
attached this report of a correct booting (no_error.txt)

Thanks to everyone.

Daniel García.

2011/10/7 Tal Aloni <tal.aloni.il at gmail.com>

> **
> Hi Daniel,
> From the log it seems that indeed sanbootconf is not initialized, (I'm not
> sure if it's loaded or not because you didn't turn on "View > Verbose
> output" in WinDbg to show additional information)
> maybe you've installed sanbootconf improperly somehow, or perhaps you have
> some kind of agressive anti-virus program that block the file-copying or
> registry changes.
> make sure you have sanbootconf.sys under Windows\System32\Drivers, and that
> you have a registry key called "sanbootconf" under
> HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services
> - You can also manually install sanbootconf using Control Panel > Add
> Hardware, and then selecting "I have already connected the hardware" > "Add
> a new hardware device" > "Install the hardware that I manually select" >
> "System Devices" and then point to the directory where sanbootconf.inf is
> located. (this will only install sanbootconf without applying some critical
> configuration)
> Regards,
> Tal Aloni
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> *From:* Daniel García <abuelandersson at gmail.com>
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> screen
> Hi,
> I've re-installed Windows XP and sanbootconf 1.0. It still giving me the
> same problem: windows reboots itself when the logo screen appears.
> Looking at the WinDbg report, i think the problem migth be that sanbootconf
> driver doesn´t load in the boot secuence.
> Anybody can tell me why it happends? Thanks for yout time.
> Daniel Garcia.
> El 5 de octubre de 2011 16:20, Daniel García <abuelandersson at gmail.com>escribió:
> Thanks for the info, Shao
>> I've followed your advice and checked if sanbootconf driver was loaded,
>> and it looks like it wasn't. I don't know why this happend, I installed the
>> last version of sanbootconf with no error.
>> I attach the new WinDbg capture with the result of the "lm" command.
>> Daniel Garcia.
>> El 5 de octubre de 2011 15:26, Daniel García <abuelandersson at gmail.com>escribió:
>> Hi again,
>>> I've upgraded to iPXE and to the new version of sanbootconf too, but I'm
>>> getting the same error: the client machines conects to the iscsi target and
>>> starts booting windows xp, until it reboots itself, giving a 0x00007b error
>>> in the WinDbg.
>>> I attach the WinDbg output file. I'd appreciate any kind of help. I've
>>> been looking hard for any solution, but I found nothing...
>>> Daniel.
>>> El 4 de octubre de 2011 13:51, Daniel García <abuelandersson at gmail.com>escribió:
>>> Hi,
>>>> I've followed the how-to and I get the error report from WinDbg attached
>>>> to this mail. I'd appreciate any information you can give me.
>>>> It seems like sanbootconf driver doesn't load.
>>>> Daniel.
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Loading symbols for 804d7000     ntkrpamp.exe ->   ntkrpamp.exe
*** ERROR: Symbol file could not be found.  Defaulted to export symbols for ntkrpamp.exe - 
ModLoad: 804d7000 806e5000   ntkrpamp.exe
Windows XP Kernel Version 2600 MP (1 procs) Free x86 compatible
Built by: 2600.xpsp.080413-2111
Machine Name:
Kernel base = 0x804d7000 PsLoadedModuleList = 0x8055d720
System Uptime: not available
Loaded dbghelp extension DLL
Loaded ext extension DLL
Loaded exts extension DLL
Loaded kext extension DLL
Loaded kdexts extension DLL
Force unload of ntkrpamp.exe
ModLoad: 804d7000 806e5000   ntkrpamp.exe
ModLoad: 806e5000 80705d00   halmacpi.dll
Break instruction exception - code 80000003 (first chance)
Loading symbols for 804d7000     ntkrpamp.exe ->   ntkrpamp.exe
*** ERROR: Symbol file could not be found.  Defaulted to export symbols for ntkrpamp.exe - 
8052b5d0 cc              int     3
kd> g
ModLoad: f7acf000 f7ad0b80   kdcom.dll
ModLoad: f79df000 f79e2000   BOOTVID.dll
ModLoad: f73ce000 f74ce000   sptd.sys
ModLoad: f7ad1000 f7ad2100   WMILIB.SYS
ModLoad: f73b6000 f73cd880   SCSIPORT.SYS
ModLoad: f7387000 f73b5280   ACPI.sys
ModLoad: f7376000 f7386d80   pci.sys 
ModLoad: f75cf000 f75d8380   isapnp.sys
ModLoad: f7b97000 f7b97d80   pciide.sys
ModLoad: f784f000 f7855180   PCIIDEX.SYS
ModLoad: f75df000 f75e9580   MountMgr.sys
ModLoad: f7357000 f7375c00   ftdisk.sys
ModLoad: f7ad3000 f7ad4700   dmload.sys
ModLoad: f7331000 f7356a80   dmio.sys
ModLoad: f7857000 f785bd00   PartMgr.sys
ModLoad: f75ef000 f75fc000   VolSnap.sys
ModLoad: f7304000 f7330980   NDIS.sys
ModLoad: f72ed000 f7303880   KSecDD.sys
ModLoad: f72da000 f72ec600   ipsec.sys
ModLoad: f7281000 f72d9380   tcpip.sys
ModLoad: f785f000 f7863a80   TDI.SYS 
ModLoad: f75ff000 f7607900   msgpc.sys
ModLoad: f7270000 f7280e00   psched.sys
ModLoad: f7258000 f726f900   atapi.sys
ModLoad: f760f000 f7617e00   disk.sys
ModLoad: f761f000 f762b180   CLASSPNP.SYS
ModLoad: f7238000 f7257b00   fltMgr.sys
ModLoad: f7214000 f7237180   Fastfat.sys
ModLoad: f71fa000 f7213b80   Mup.sys 
ModLoad: f71bb000 f71fa000   msiscsi.sys
ModLoad: f7185000 f71bb000   iscsiprt.sys

*** Fatal System Error: 0x0000007b

Break instruction exception - code 80000003 (first chance)

A fatal system error has occurred.
Debugger entered on first try; Bugcheck callbacks have not been invoked.
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kd> g
ModLoad: f7a9c000 f7a9db80   kdcom.dll
ModLoad: f79ac000 f79af000   BOOTVID.dll
ModLoad: f739b000 f749b000   sptd.sys
ModLoad: f7a9e000 f7a9f100   WMILIB.SYS
ModLoad: f7383000 f739a880   SCSIPORT.SYS
ModLoad: f7354000 f7382280   ACPI.sys
ModLoad: f7343000 f7353d80   pci.sys 
ModLoad: f759c000 f75a5380   isapnp.sys
ModLoad: f7b64000 f7b64d80   pciide.sys
ModLoad: f781c000 f7822180   PCIIDEX.SYS
ModLoad: f75ac000 f75b6580   MountMgr.sys
ModLoad: f7324000 f7342c00   ftdisk.sys
ModLoad: f7aa0000 f7aa1700   dmload.sys
ModLoad: f72fe000 f7323a80   dmio.sys
ModLoad: f7824000 f7828d00   PartMgr.sys
ModLoad: f75bc000 f75c9000   VolSnap.sys
ModLoad: f72d1000 f72fd980   NDIS.sys
ModLoad: f72ba000 f72d0880   KSecDD.sys
ModLoad: f72a7000 f72b9600   ipsec.sys
ModLoad: f724e000 f72a6380   tcpip.sys
ModLoad: f782c000 f7830a80   TDI.SYS 
ModLoad: f75cc000 f75d4900   msgpc.sys
ModLoad: f723d000 f724de00   psched.sys
ModLoad: f7225000 f723c900   atapi.sys
ModLoad: f75dc000 f75e4e00   disk.sys
ModLoad: f75ec000 f75f8180   CLASSPNP.SYS
ModLoad: f7205000 f7224b00   fltMgr.sys
ModLoad: f71e1000 f7204180   Fastfat.sys
ModLoad: f71c7000 f71e0b80   Mup.sys 
ModLoad: f7188000 f71c7000   msiscsi.sys
ModLoad: f7152000 f7188000   iscsiprt.sys
ModLoad: 7c910000 7c9c5000   ntdll.dll
ModLoad: f762c000 f7635e80   intelppm.sys
ModLoad: f70e6000 f7109200   USBPORT.SYS
ModLoad: f787c000 f7881080   usbuhci.sys
ModLoad: f7884000 f788b600   usbehci.sys
ModLoad: f763c000 f7649100   i8042prt.sys
ModLoad: f788c000 f7892200   kbdclass.sys
ModLoad: f7894000 f7899c00   mouclass.sys
ModLoad: f70d2000 f70e5980   parport.sys
ModLoad: f764c000 f765b600   cdrom.sys
ModLoad: f70af000 f70d1700   ks.sys  
ModLoad: f765c000 f766a600   redbook.sys
ModLoad: f7c6b000 f7c6bc00   audstub.sys
ModLoad: f766c000 f7678880   rasl2tp.sys
ModLoad: f7a48000 f7a4a780   ndistapi.sys
ModLoad: f7098000 f70ae580   ndiswan.sys
ModLoad: f767c000 f7686200   raspppoe.sys
ModLoad: f768c000 f7697d00   raspptp.sys
ModLoad: f789c000 f78a0580   ptilink.sys
ModLoad: f78a4000 f78a8080   raspti.sys
ModLoad: f7040000 f706fe80   rdpdr.sys
ModLoad: f769c000 f76a5f00   termdd.sys
ModLoad: f7aa2000 f7aa3100   swenum.sys
ModLoad: f6fe2000 f703ff00   update.sys
ModLoad: f7a5c000 f7a5fc80   mssmbios.sys
ModLoad: f78ac000 f78b3400   sanbootconf.sys
SAN Boot Configuration Driver initialising
Boot screen text is enabled
No iBFT found
No aBFT found
No sBFT found
No SAN boot method detected
ModLoad: f78b4000 f78b9580   iscsiboot.sys
iSCSI Boot Parameter Driver initialising
No iBFT found
ModLoad: f76ac000 f76b5e80   NDProxy.SYS
ModLoad: f76bc000 f76c4700   wanarp.sys
ModLoad: f7aa4000 f7aa5280   USBD.SYS
ModLoad: f76cc000 f76da880   usbhub.sys
ModLoad: f78bc000 f78c2b00   Fdc.SYS 
ModLoad: f7c96000 f7c96b80   Null.SYS
ModLoad: f7aa6000 f7aa7080   Beep.SYS
ModLoad: f6f92000 f6fb9c00   netbt.sys
ModLoad: f78c4000 f78c9000   Flpydisk.SYS
ModLoad: f7a8c000 f7a8ec80   Sfloppy.SYS
ModLoad: f78cc000 f78d0900   Cdaudio.SYS
ModLoad: f7aa8000 f7aa9f00   Fs_Rec.SYS
ModLoad: f6f7e000 f6f91f00   VIDEOPRT.SYS
ModLoad: f78d4000 f78d9200   vga.sys 
ModLoad: f7aaa000 f7aab080   mnmdd.SYS
ModLoad: f7aac000 f7aad080   RDPCDD.sys
ModLoad: f78dc000 f78e0a80   Msfs.SYS
ModLoad: f78e4000 f78eb880   Npfs.SYS
ModLoad: f7a90000 f7a92280   rasacd.sys
ModLoad: f6f3c000 f6f5db80   afd.sys 
ModLoad: f76dc000 f76e4780   netbios.sys
ModLoad: f6e8b000 f6e9b100   serial.sys
ModLoad: f6e71000 f6e9be80   rdbss.sys
ModLoad: f6dd9000 f6e48780   mrxsmb.sys
ModLoad: f76ec000 f76f6480   imapi.sys
ModLoad: f76fc000 f7706e80   Fips.SYS
ModLoad: f771c000 f772b900   Cdfs.SYS
ModLoad: f7aae000 f7aaf100   dump_WMILIB.SYS
ModLoad: f6dc1000 f6dd8900   dump_atapi.sys
ModLoad: f7088000 f708a900   Dxapi.sys
ModLoad: f78ec000 f78f0500   watchdog.sys
ModLoad: bf800000 bf9c2a00   win32k.sys
ModLoad: f7ce2000 f7ce2d00   dxgthk.sys
ModLoad: bf9c3000 bf9d4600   dxg.sys 
ModLoad: bff70000 bff72480   vga.dll 
ModLoad: bff70000 bff72480   framebuf.dll
ModLoad: bff70000 bff7c900   vga256.dll
ModLoad: bff70000 bff74700   vga64k.dll
ModLoad: bff70000 bff72480   vga.dll 
ModLoad: bff70000 bff72480   vga.dll 
ModLoad: bff70000 bff72480   framebuf.dll
ModLoad: f6da9000 f6dac900   ndisuio.sys
iscsidsc: Error 2 reading group key from registry
iScsiDsc: ExecMethod(ea4d82bf-29da-4e12-80ae5437964462c, 92) failed 1
iscsidsc: Root\SCSIADAPTER\0000_0 returned 0x1 for SetInitiatorNodeName
iscsidsc: Root\SCSIADAPTER\0000_0 (006243B8) SetCHAPSharedSecret succeeeded
iscsidsc: SetupDiEnumDeviceInterfaces(1) failed 259
ModLoad: f6624000 f6650180   mrxdav.sys
ERROR: DavReadRegistryValues/RegQueryValueExW(4). WStatus = 127
ERROR: DavReadRegistryValues/RegQueryValueExW(5). WStatus = 127
ERROR: DavReadRegistryValues/RegQueryValueExW(6). WStatus = 127
ModLoad: f7ab8000 f7ab9b80   ParVdm.SYS
ModLoad: f655a000 f65abc00   srv.sys 
ModLoad: f650c000 f6531500   ipnat.sys
ModLoad: f6313000 f6353a80   HTTP.sys
ModLoad: f78f4000 f78fa700   USBSTOR.SYS
Shutdown occurred at (Mon Oct 17 10:19:06.437 2011 (UTC + 2:00))...unloading all symbol tables.
Unloading exts extension DLL
Unloading kext extension DLL
Unloading kdexts extension DLL
Unloading dbghelp extension DLL
Unloading ext extension DLL

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