[ipxe-devel] Windows XP just reboots all time in the logo screen

Tal Aloni tal.aloni.il at gmail.com
Fri Oct 7 16:16:35 UTC 2011

Hi Daniel,
>From the log it seems that indeed sanbootconf is not initialized, (I'm not sure if it's loaded or not because you didn't turn on "View > Verbose output" in WinDbg to show additional information)
maybe you've installed sanbootconf improperly somehow, or perhaps you have some kind of agressive anti-virus program that block the file-copying or registry changes.
make sure you have sanbootconf.sys under Windows\System32\Drivers, and that you have a registry key called "sanbootconf" under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services

- You can also manually install sanbootconf using Control Panel > Add Hardware, and then selecting "I have already connected the hardware" > "Add a new hardware device" > "Install the hardware that I manually select" > "System Devices" and then point to the directory where sanbootconf.inf is located. (this will only install sanbootconf without applying some critical configuration)

Tal Aloni

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  I've re-installed Windows XP and sanbootconf 1.0. It still giving me the same problem: windows reboots itself when the logo screen appears.

  Looking at the WinDbg report, i think the problem migth be that sanbootconf driver doesn´t load in the boot secuence.

  Anybody can tell me why it happends? Thanks for yout time.

  Daniel Garcia.

  El 5 de octubre de 2011 16:20, Daniel García <abuelandersson at gmail.com> escribió:

    Thanks for the info, Shao 

    I've followed your advice and checked if sanbootconf driver was loaded, and it looks like it wasn't. I don't know why this happend, I installed the last version of sanbootconf with no error.

    I attach the new WinDbg capture with the result of the "lm" command.

    Daniel Garcia.

    El 5 de octubre de 2011 15:26, Daniel García <abuelandersson at gmail.com> escribió:

      Hi again,

      I've upgraded to iPXE and to the new version of sanbootconf too, but I'm getting the same error: the client machines conects to the iscsi target and starts booting windows xp, until it reboots itself, giving a 0x00007b error in the WinDbg. 

      I attach the WinDbg output file. I'd appreciate any kind of help. I've been looking hard for any solution, but I found nothing...


      El 4 de octubre de 2011 13:51, Daniel García <abuelandersson at gmail.com> escribió:


        I've followed the how-to and I get the error report from WinDbg attached to this mail. I'd appreciate any information you can give me.

        It seems like sanbootconf driver doesn't load.



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