[ipxe-devel] Unable to use pxelinux's sanboot.c32 or gpxecmd.c32 to boot iscsi target with chap

Chee-Yang Chau cychau at gmail.com
Sat Nov 19 04:29:29 UTC 2011

I compile latest undionly.kpxe from latest ipxe source. I attempt to
boot a iscsi target with chap secret using:
iPXE> dhcp net0iPXE> set username = user1iPXE> set password =
passwordiPXE> sanboot iscsi:
The machine boot properly from iscsi target.
Next, I try to chain load the ipxe from pxelinux:
LABEL ipxekernel undionly.0
and boot the following script via dhcp (using the infinite loop
prevention method):
#!ipxedhcp net0set 190:string user1set 191:string passwordset
209:string menu.cfgchain pxelinux.0
And the following menu.cfg is loaded:
UI menu.c32
LABEL Windows_1com32 gpxecmd.c32append sanboot
LABEL Windows_2com32 sanboot.c32append iscsi:
Executing both Windows_1 or Windows_2 doesn't boot the iscsi target
and no message was prompt.
Any ideas what could be go wrong?
If I remove the chap secret from iscsi target, the iscsi target works
fine both ipxe direct boot or chain load.
I have tried PXELinux 3.86, 4.04 and 4.10 and all having same problem.
Best regards,
Chau Chee Yang

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