[ipxe-devel] Native drivers AND fallback UNDI in a PXE image possbile?

Sven Dreyer sven at dreyer-net.de
Thu Nov 17 00:20:16 UTC 2011

Am 17.11.2011 01:10, schrieb Floris Bos / Maxnet:
> Is the network card's PXE implementation able to get a DHCP lease right
> away, or does it also take a while?

The network card's PXE part gets its DHCP lease right away.

> When iPXE initializes the network card, it seems the network link
> briefly goes down and up again, and this causes STP-enabled switches to
> start the waiting period over again.

Hmm. I thought that this is not the case when the UNDI driver is used.

I just watched the switch port's link LED it does not look as if the 
link is going down in between.


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