[ipxe-devel] loading image at certain address

Nulik Nol nuliknol at gmail.com
Wed Nov 9 20:10:00 UTC 2011

Thank you Michael,  just few questions:
As I understood, multiboot "raw" will just load a piece of code and
jump at the beginning of the code, correct ?
Then how do I load it to the specified memory address? Also, I have to
load a file which can be up to 1GB large, what addressing mode is iPXE
booting into? Is it real mode, protected mode?

btw, I found /src/arch/i386/core/aout_loader.c , I suppose this is obsolete now?

Thanks for your help.

>>> I can't find how to boot an a.out image at a certain memory location,
>>> say 0x0000000000400000 , could you point me to the correct docs?
>> There's no support for a.out images in iPXE (or gPXE).  You could certainly
>> define a new image format, but it might make more sense to convert your image
>> into something that bootloaders generally know how to handle, such as a
>> multiboot image or a bzImage.  That will avoid tying you in to a possibly-
>> custom version of iPXE.
>> Michael

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