[ipxe-devel] running embedded script got iPXE into a reboot loop

Michael Brown mbrown at fensystems.co.uk
Sun Mar 13 11:15:12 UTC 2011

On Sunday 13 Mar 2011 09:18:47 ttzweb at gmail.com wrote:
> I am trying to include a embedded script into my ipxe.iso
> image. But when I boot the ipxe.iso inside my VMware, it seems to
> fall into a reboot loop.  It keeps  restating after showing the
> <snip>
> The boot.ipxe is a very simple script looks like the following:
>     #!ipxe
>     #
>     dhcp
>     chain http://192.168.X.XXX/boot
>     #exit 0

Best guess is that something is wrong with the magic signature line at the 
start of the script, such as having whitespace before the "#!" line, or 
accidentally saving as UTF-16.

Try putting your boot.ipxe file on your webserver, then see what iPXE detects 
it as:

  imgfetch http://192.168.X.XXX/boot.ipxe
  imgselect boot.ipxe

That should show you the detected image type.  If it says anything other than 
"[script]" then that's the problem.

Failing that, could you attach your boot.ipxe script so I can try it out 


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