[ipxe-devel] iSCSI boot question

Michael Brown mbrown at fensystems.co.uk
Sat Mar 12 10:51:38 UTC 2011

On Saturday 12 Mar 2011 07:46:40 Hsuan-Yeh Chang wrote:
> Hello all!  It looks to me that dhcpd.conf must be properly configured
>  before iPXE can boot an iSCSI target.  But I don't understand why iSCSI
>  boot needs be so correlated with dhcpd.conf.  Can one not "sanboot" an
>  iSCSI target by obtaining IP from a different DHCP server (such as
>  router)?  Thanks!  Hsuanyeh

Yes.  You can boot from SAN manually by typing

  sanboot <root-path>

at the command line, e.g.

  sanboot iscsi:

You could also include this line in an iPXE script.  At present, there is no 
easy way from the command line to do a combination SAN+filename boot (in which 
a SAN device is hooked and a filename is booted).  This will change as soon as 
I have worked out a sensible command syntax for "hook SAN device", "unhook SAN 
device", etc.


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