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Martin Zwerschke Martin.Zwerschke at t-online.de
Sat Mar 5 11:49:21 UTC 2011

Hi DylansPCs,

 >  Erm, I thought gPXE was just Etherboot renamed? As for the userclass...

Timeline was:

Etherboot -  PXE  - gPXE - iPXE

Etherboot realized/realizes  net booting with a different approach than 
PXE (more directly and straight-forward than the ugly PXE-standard).
Because PXE got industrial standard however, "gPXE" was the answer of 
the open source community and in fact brought advantages of Etherboot to 
the PXE-world
by blowing-up possibilities of PXE and building an open-source PXE-like 

a real funny and informational video discussion for details.
You can see Michael Brown in this video. The man who is involved in this 
discussion thread...)

In fact gPXE is not only a renamed Etherboot.

but what I wanted to say is, that the hanewin-instructions do not show, 
how to configure hanewin to use the userclasses to break the
infinite chain, resulting if you chainload gPXE on a PXE-machine.

I tried this, and it did not work instantly. I gave uo trial when I saw, 
that hanewin was not free.

I know how to do the user-class thing in Windows-Server's DHCP-server 
and on Linux's "dhcpd",
but neither of this can be used on a Windows-XP, Vista or Win7-machine.

*So i think, "ipxelinux.0"  is a real good solution, cause a simple 
DHCP-Server (w/o userclasses) is enough in this case.
And even if you use a Windows or Linux-server, "ipxelinux.0" makes 
things easier than having to configure these user-class thing,
when you have to chainload "pxelinux.0" anyway.*


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