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Robert Meissner robert.meissner at uni-dortmund.de
Wed Mar 2 01:41:45 UTC 2011


i am trying to recover my Toshiba Portege M200, which has no USB boot nor
DVD drive over PXE Network boot... I have installed and started on my dads
Notebook (which actually HAS a DVDdrive)

-DHCP Server from http://ruttkamp.gmxhome.de/dhcpsrv/dhcpsrv.htm
-KernSafe free iSCSI Target from
-ntrights (for accessing network shares)

connected both over LAN-Cable and booting....

default boot
prompt 0
say booting...
label boot
kernel memdisk

Could not find ramdisk image: iscsi:....

I thaught iSCSI would be the solution.... But the boot doesn't work from
my dad's Notebook DVDdrive to my TabletPC! I really need to execute the
boot process from the RecoveryDVD on the Tablet, because it prepares the
HDD on a special way.... toshiba protection

Appreciate and thanks in advance...
best regards
Robert Meissner
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