[ipxe-devel] Problem chainloading iPXE from inside iPXE

Mike Sollanych msollany at sfu.ca
Mon Jun 6 22:03:58 UTC 2011

Further to this, it seems like Syslinux's 'keeppxe' option is what I'm after, but when I put that as part of the ipxe.lkrn command in my Syslinux menu, iPXE picks it up and tries to run it as a script command. I don't know if this option only works on 'memdisk', but certainly it doesn't change anything for me. I guess my next step is to bake the script to chain to the FOG server's dynamically generated iPXE script into a copy of iPXE and make it into a bootable ISO and run it with memdisk, unless someone has a better idea.... :-S Mike Sollanych - msollany at sfu.ca - 778.782.6996 IT Services RCG - Math, Stats, CECM Simon Fraser University 
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