[ipxe-devel] What happened to gPXE commit fa91c2c3269554df855107a24afec9a1149fee8f?

Michael Brown mbrown at fensystems.co.uk
Fri Dec 9 23:51:29 UTC 2011

On Friday 09 Dec 2011 18:58:55 Lars Kellogg-Stedman wrote:
> A while ago, I submmited a patch that was included in the gPXE project
> as commit fa91c2c3269554df855107a24afec9a1149fee8f.  This appears to
> have been partially implemented in iPXE as commit
> e3c7a1948d080a753aceb92c8bfed07dfdf3daac, but it's missing what for us
> is a crucial feature -- the support for the "any" keyword to dhcp,
> which causes it to iterate over all available interfaces until it
> succeeds (or runs out of interfaces).

As per the documentation for the "dhcp" command:


If no network interfaces are explicitly specified, iPXE will try all available 
network interfaces.  The command "dhcp" with no arguments will do what you 

(The rationale for this was to keep the "dhcp" command consistent with other 
commands that take a list of network devices, such as "ifopen".)


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