[ipxe-devel] What happened to gPXE commit fa91c2c3269554df855107a24afec9a1149fee8f?

Lars Kellogg-Stedman lars at oddbit.com
Fri Dec 9 18:58:55 UTC 2011

Howdy all,

A while ago, I submmited a patch that was included in the gPXE project
as commit fa91c2c3269554df855107a24afec9a1149fee8f.  This appears to
have been partially implemented in iPXE as commit
e3c7a1948d080a753aceb92c8bfed07dfdf3daac, but it's missing what for us
is a crucial feature -- the support for the "any" keyword to dhcp,
which causes it to iterate over all available interfaces until it
succeeds (or runs out of interfaces).  We've found this tremendously
useful because we have configurations we expect to work on both
single-interface and many (12+) interface machines, and we can't
guarantee that "net0" will be the appropriate interface on all

If there's a way to accomplish the same thing using the enhanced
scripting language in iPXE I'm all ears.  I'm only asking because I
was taking advantage of one of my current projects to migrate our
infrastructure from gPXE to iPXE, and we need this in order to move


-- Lars

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