[ipxe-devel] Installing to san

Sam Ballinger vk3hbu at gmail.com
Sat Aug 27 06:17:57 UTC 2011


I have been playing with gpxe and ipxe for a while .

I have been trying to make heads and tails of the source its a little over
the place for me to jump to parts i need etc.

I have ran into an issue .

I created a 20.img and setup iscsi target

i setup ipxe to chain boot and set the iscsi as the root path.

ipxe ouputs

registered SAN device 0x80
BOOTINC from SAN device 0x80
BOOT from San device 0x80 failed: Exec format error (
Unregistered San device 0X80
No more network devices

Press Ctrl-B for the iPXE command line

then it goes blank

and posts a message hit any key to reboot

i looked up your error message and it says the iscsi target is empty seeming
i created it to be empty this is not a huge concern to me.

Basically is there a way to make the system setup iscsi keep it resisted
then exit out of pre boot maybe a time out ? then continue onto boot from cd
so i can install on the iscsi target directly .

If there is a fix for this or if you can point me to the right source files
i can have a crack at it my self .


Sam B.
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