[ipxe-devel] Question about hidding url, echo function and information about "goto" function

Michael Brown mbrown at fensystems.co.uk
Mon Aug 8 08:41:22 UTC 2011

On Monday 08 Aug 2011 09:15:19 Bovey Christian wrote:
> Conclusion: The goto function only work with "Linux" end of line...Maybe
>  other people will encounter this problem...

Could you try the attached (completely untested) patch to see if it fixes this 
problem for you?

> Second problem, the "echo" function remove some space, so we are not able
>  to make some nice menu. Here's the code for the three first lines of the
>  screenshot:
> echo 
> echo |    DSI-CHUV - DEMARRAGE PAR LE RESEAU v1.0 - iPXE    |
> echo 
> Has you can see, the second line doesn't show as we want.

The blocks of whitespace are collapsed down as part of the command-line 
processing, and there is no quoting mechanism you can use to avoid this.  You 
can work around this by creating a variable to act as a non-breaking space:

  set spc:hex 20

echo |${spc}${spc}${spc}${spc}DSI-CHUV - ...

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