[ipxe-devel] Question about hidding url, echo function and information about "goto" function

Bovey Christian Christian.Bovey at chuv.ch
Mon Aug 8 08:15:19 UTC 2011


Sorry for my english...

First, I want to say that iPXE is a great solution, its exactly what we need to introduce network boot in our network. We have to match with the security policies (We need an authentication with AD user account and all transfer has to be encrypted, so we used iPXE script with PHP on https server).

We had problem with the "goto" function.  Our PHP server is IIs 6.0 with PHP 5.2. After some test, we solved the problem:

·         Not working code:
//#php generated script
#some code here

goto label
<?php ...
//#php generated script

·         Working code:

//#php generated script
<?php echo ":label\n";?>
#some code here

goto label
<?php ...
//#php generated script

Conclusion: The goto function only work with "Linux" end of line...Maybe other people will encounter this problem...

Now, we just want to hide the URL (in the red area, in the screenshot) appearing when loading a file/script. Have you got a solution for that? In final release, we will add security to the folder containing ISO files, and we do not want users to be able to read technician credentials during load time.
[cid:image001.png at 01CC55B3.8FF8B590]

Second problem, the "echo" function remove some space, so we are not able to make some nice menu.
Here's the code for the three first lines of the screenshot:
echo ========================================================
echo |    DSI-CHUV - DEMARRAGE PAR LE RESEAU v1.0 - iPXE    |
echo ========================================================
Has you can see, the second line doesn't show as we want.

Thanks for you jobs and your answer!

Christian Bovey

centre hospitalier universitaire vaudois

Christiann BOVEY - Gestion des interventions
Direction des systèmes d'informations | SSI
Bureau BU21/05 /010
Rue du Bugnon 21, CH-1011 Lausanne

+41 (0)21 314 6999 TEL
Christian.Bovey at chuv.ch<mailto:Christian.Bovey at chuv.ch>

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