[ipxe-devel] ISO SAN booting

James A. Peltier jpeltier at sfu.ca
Wed Apr 27 22:54:07 UTC 2011

Why can't this be done with NFS or HTTP boot?  I mean I *really* like this idea of avoiding the memdisk/grub booting of ISO images but it would be nice to not have it limited to these formats?  Perhaps something like

sanboot http://....
sanboot nfs://...

----- Original Message -----
| It is now possible to use iPXE to directly boot from an ISO image held
| on a
| SAN target (e.g. AoE, iSCSI, FCoE). This has the same limitations as
| using
| memdisk to boot an ISO image, but without the memory overhead or
| initial
| download delay of memdisk.
| There's no special syntax: just make the ISO image available on the
| SAN target
| and then attempt to boot from it (using "sanboot" or with a DHCP
| root-path).
| For example:
| (on server) vblade 0 0 eth0 /path/to/winpe.iso
| (on iPXE) sanboot aoe:e0.0
| I have tested that WinPE and the VMware installer are able to start
| using this
| method. I'd appreciate any further testing.
| Michael
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