[ipxe-devel] Sanboot And ISO Images?

Michael Brown mcb30 at ipxe.org
Mon Apr 7 23:44:05 BST 2014

On 07/04/14 06:26, Dyweni - iPXE-Devel wrote:
> INT13 drive 80 El Torito requires emulation type 02
> Boot from SAN device 0x80 failed: Operation not supported
> (http://ipxe.org/3c852003)
> INT13 drive 80 unregistered
> Unregistered SAN device 0x80
> ...
> -----
> I'm using latest master version... git commit 93acbd5
> Any ideas where to look / what to try now?

That ISO requires El Torito floppy disk emulation, which iPXE doesn't 
support for CD-ROMs since almost nobody uses it.

You can use the (unzipped) memtest86+ binary from


It's a Linux zImage kernel binary, which iPXE can load directly.

As Andrew mentioned, you can also use the PXE-bootable version of 
memtest86+.  It looks as though the memtest86+ maintainers ignored these 
patches, but you can find them (for version 4.20) at


with a prebuilt binary at



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