[ipxe-devel] win7 cannot install on real device if boots winpe from net

Oliver Rath rath at mglug.de
Tue Mar 13 16:20:45 GMT 2012

Hi List,

In the row of my tries ive tested some special configured kvm:

qemu-system-x86_64 -m 4G -smp 4 -hda /dev/images/win7-test -boot n -net

Here is a _real_ 20GB device (-hda) available, but nevertheless Im
booting winpe via pxe. No iscsi-drive were sanhooked.

At first try, ive booted winpe via

sanboot --drive 0x81 --no-describe

which ran into a failure from winpe (bootmanager)

At second try, ive booted winpe via

sanboot --drive 0x80 --no-describe

This was no problem.

Then i started setup.exe (from H:, an samba-device with the
win7sp1-dvd). There i got into the same error seen several dozen times.
Ive attached the last window.

Whats wrong? If somebody want my winpe, email me, ill send you a link.



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