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Levente LEVAI levail at aviatronic.hu
Tue Mar 13 12:54:05 GMT 2012

Your problem is that Win7 setup refuses to install Win7 onto any disk that
is not a bios disk. If your PE does not see the the iscsi disk right 
away installation
will not work. Attaching the disk manually will not help you.

You probably need to add something like
set keep-san 1
to your ipxe script. This way ipxe leaves behind an iBFT entry that makes PE
attach to the disk on its own, automatically. We do Win7 install to iscsi
routinely and I learned this the hard way. We still use an oldish gpxe I 
hacked, but the keep-san setting should work the same with ipxe as it does
with gpxe.

Best regards,

On 2012-03-13 13:00, ipxe-devel-request at lists.ipxe.org wrote:
> Subject:
> [ipxe-devel] strange failure while win7 install to iscsi-disk
> From:
> Oliver Rath <rath at mglug.de>
> Date:
> 2012-03-12 17:30
> To:
> ipxe-devel at lists.ipxe.org
> Hi list,
> Im trying to install win7 (32bit professional) directly to an
> iscsi-Target (linux-iscsi, kernel 3.2.6), given by ipxe (undiolnly.kpxe).
> First I created a WinPE (3.0, with iscsi-support) which boots fine.
> Then I connected to a free iscsi-Target ( 20 GB ) of a Linux-iscsi
> Target, works fine.
> Then I startet setup.exe of a win7 disk and wantet to install to this
> target. It came a failure "cannot install to ... because the ibft is
> empty" or sth like this.
> Now i created an alternative netboot via sanhooking the 20G disk an
> sanbooting then the winpe-disk via ipx. The result was a free 20G
> iscsi-disk, which i was able to mount persistantly via iscsicli-command.
> I started the setup.exe again and then i got the failure " .. cannot be
> installed. The hardware of the computer doesnt probably not support
> booting .. Be sure, that the controllerof the disk ist activated in the
> bios". Ok, the message was in german, so the english is probably;-)  not
> exactly the same like in an english installation.
> Now i dont know what to do now. It is also strange, that i cant take the
> builtin disk for installing also, if i boot winpe. The win7-disk is
> taken by samba-ressource.
> Client is a q5010 fujjitsu-siemens with dualcore, 2gb ram, intel 82xxx
> gbit cat. Server is an Thinkpad X61 dualcore 4gb ram intel 82566MM gbit nic.
> Whats wrong here?
> Tfh!
> Oliver

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