[ipxe-devel] ifstat command not enumerating all nics

Michael Brown mbrown at fensystems.co.uk
Sat Mar 3 11:24:41 GMT 2012

On Friday 02 Mar 2012 07:01:39 Matt Gambardella wrote:
> We are using the undionly.kpxe to boot out Dell C2100 servers with the
> Intel 82599 Dual Port 10GE Mezzanine Card.  The box is able to boot to an
> ipxe prompt and running an ifstat command only shows a mac address for one
> of the 2 NIC ports on the mezzanine card.  If we let the PXE boot process
> fall through to the second NIC port we see just thatNIC from ipxe.  Is
> there any way to get iPXE to enumerate both nics with an ifstat call.  We
> would like to collect this information for part of our configuration
> scripts and its unclear how to patch the command to support this behavior.

undionly.kpxe uses the underlying NIC's PXE stack, rather than driving the NIC 
directly.  There can only be one such NIC at any one time.

To see multiple NICs in iPXE, you would need to be using a native iPXE driver 
(e.g. via the all-drivers build undi.pxe, rather than undionly.kpxe).  This 
would require there to be a native iPXE driver for your Intel 10G NICs.  At 
present, I don't think that such a driver exists.  (Many 10G NICs are 
supported, but not Intel's.)


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