[ipxe-devel] [PATCH] allow menu pointer to wrap-around

Ivan Shmakov oneingray at gmail.com
Tue Aug 21 18:09:57 BST 2012

>>>>> Michael Brown writes:
>>>>> On Sunday 19 Aug 2012 18:49:04 Ivan Shmakov wrote:

 >> Per my experience, menus of the common software and hardware
 >> typically allow for pointer to “go above” the first element,
 >> appearing at the bottom of the list, and vice versa.  Why not to
 >> implement the same behavior for iPXE menus?

 > Thanks for the patch.  I'm happy to introduce this as the default
 > behaviour for iPXE,

	(Not quite a “default”, as there's no way to opt out.  I won't
	miss the old behavior too much, but the others may.)

 > i. e. without any "#ifdef MENU_WRAP" conditionals.  (I try to avoid
 > #ifdef wherever possible.)

 > Does the attached (untested) patch give you the behaviour you want?

	Yes, thanks.  (The difference is that this way, the KEY_PPAGE,
	KEY_NPAGE keys don't wrap-around, which in fact may be better,
	or it may not.)

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