[ipxe-devel] Win 2008r2 - sanboot image and install to iSCSI

Marek Salwerowicz marek_sal at wp.pl
Wed Aug 1 18:03:20 BST 2012


W dniu 2012-08-01 15:38, Robin Smidsrød pisze:
> That is not correct syntax. You can't execute an ISO as a Network Boot
> Program (NBP). You must either use sanboot to simulate the ISO as a HDD
> with a CD filesystem, or run an NBP (like memdisk) that is capable of
> doing something quite similar to what sanboot does.
> Remember that when you chainload memdisk (from my example as ../memdisk)
> this is just another program that you have on either a TFTP or HTTP
> server. I notice you get connection timed out error, which might
> indicate that ../memdisk is an invalid URL in your case and you should
> use an absolute URL to avoid confusion.

What I understand is that I have to prepare the WinPE4 (to have iSCSI 
support) PXE boot environment ?

I made it according (with some changes) to : 
both - amd64 and x86 versions.

I've also installed the TFTP server and transferred the necessary (I 
hope) files to that server - under Debian 6.
I've also prepared the remap file with line:
rg \\ /

reconfigured the /etc/default/tftpd-hpa file:
TFTP_OPTIONS="--secure -vv -m /usr/tftp/tftpd.remap"

and restarted tftp server.

My tftp root directory contains the 'Boot' folder with the WinPE 

I got stuck with trying to boot it from iPXE:

iPXE> dhcp net0
DHCP (net0 {mac})....... ok
iPXE> chain tftp://
tftp:// ok

and after that:
TFTP download failed
Press any key to reboot..

do I miss some tftp configuration  ?


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