[ipxe-devel] REG: Query on 9K MTU Testing flow

MohamedShah R rmohamedshah at gmail.com
Mon Mar 13 03:16:37 UTC 2023



   1. If our device configures netdev->mtu as 1500  and netdev->max_pkt_len
   is 9128(above 9k).
   2. If the DHCP server sends MTU size as 9K.   

As per the code walk-through, I understand that this api "static int
get invoke and call the below part of code to handle the above scenario: In
this case, as part of netdev_close , it gets called the intf_close and it
didn’t call the intf_init/open  as part of netdev_open api.

 /* Close and reopen network device if MTU has increased */

if ( netdev_is_open ( netdev ) && ( mtu > old_mtu ) ) {

netdev_close ( netdev );

if ( ( rc = netdev_open ( netdev ) ) != 0 ) {

DBGC ( netdev, "NETDEV %s could not reopen: "

"%s\n", netdev->name, strerror ( rc ) );

return rc;



Intf_init api gets called from the below flow which is invoked as part of
device probe api.

alloc_etherdev()---> alloc_netdev()-----> intf_init gets called based on
the number of entries in the configuration.

Could you please let me know if the intf_close gets called as part of
netdev_close api , what is the flow to create the intf/ re-init the intf  again
for the above scenario.


Mohamed Shah R
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