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Sun Feb 20 15:33:31 UTC 2022

> This is a cool feature!
> For any chance to merge it needs to only have intended changes and nothing else, and clean commits.
> This means that it needs to be rebased and cleaned up to reviewable commits.
> Also depending on or including external code will not be an option. License is one concern.
> Maybe loading that separately and enabling the options could be possible, but that might not be viable in terms of [UBDL](https://github.com/ipxe/ipxe/blob/master/COPYING.UBDL)

I would love to merge it in, but my day job has me overcapacity. That said just having the infrastructure of representing a QR code on screen for other applications has caught my eye...

Specifically, for USB boot iPXE and the system has WiFi but no Ethernet, a QR-Code for Wi-Fi EasyConnect (aka Device Provisioning Protocol - https://www.wi-fi.org/download.php?file=/sites/default/files/private/Wi-Fi_Easy_Connect_Specification_v2.0.pdf ) could be used with a Configurator (right now only supported with Google Pixel) to onboard the system to the network. In the case of ones with Ethernet, it can be used with the Supplicant if using EAP to authenticate the device on the port. For WiFi EasyConnect - it includes band and channel information with a public key associated with the device.

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