[ipxe-devel] Installing ESXi with ipxe

Thomas Glanzmann thomas at glanzmann.de
Tue Jun 22 09:56:19 UTC 2021

I try to install ESXi with ipxe. I compiled the current git HEAD with
these two options enabled:


I'm able to boot the installer using sanboot with:


However I'm not able to boot the automated installation:

kernel -n mboot.c32
imgargs mboot.c32 -c
boot mboot.c32

When I try that, I see the following output: ok
_ [Blinking cursor in the next line]

But nothing else. I would like to know if someone has figured out a way to
automatically install ESXi using ipxe. With my previous version I used
undionly.kpxe with the above. That no longer works with my new hardware,
because it says the network interface is down, but it is not, so I switched to
ipxe.pxe which works otherwise for me (sanboot and loading Linux Kernels
and initrds).

if not exists ipxe.bus-id {
        filename "ipxe.pxe";
} else {
        filename "";

Hardware: 1U4LW-X570/2L2T

I'm booting from the x550-t2.


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