[ipxe-devel] Install Windows 10 via http

Michael Brown mcb30 at ipxe.org
Fri Feb 5 17:20:21 UTC 2021

On 05/02/2021 12:54, patryk at chojecki.it wrote:
> Hi, I have next problem.
> I can't install upgrade 1809+
> What I do wrong? How I can upgrade OS?

Congratulations; it looks as though you have solved all of your 
iPXE-related issues.  Your system is successfully booting via iPXE from 
an iSCSI target, and you are able to install and run Windows 10 on an 
iSCSI disk.

Your Windows upgrade error is very firmly in the domain of "generic 
Windows problem" and is not related to iPXE.

You could start with the Microsoft troubleshooting advice for your error 
code 0xc1900101 at


Good luck!


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