[ipxe-devel] chain http and "slow" network interfaces

Etienne Champetier champetier.etienne at gmail.com
Tue Nov 24 20:13:59 UTC 2020

Hello iPXE hackers,

To work around situations where we can't run DHCP or ProxyDHCP, we
build a simple iPXE iso that loop on all interfaces and try to chain
to a predefined local link IPv6.
It works well until on some server the interface takes ~40s to
transmit anything (likely stp)
I've tried to use "chain --timeout 60000 ..." but it timeouts after
15s, and ND are sent only for 10s in my tests.

For now I'm using a simple loop
set chaincur:int32 0
set chainmax:int32 12
chain --timeout 5000
http://[fe80::616e:6576:6961]/ipxe/${net${i}/hwaddr:hexhyp}.ipxe ||
inc chaincur && iseq ${chaincur} ${chainmax} || goto loop_chain

I was wondering if it was the best way to really retry for 60s


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