[ipxe-devel] Custom syslog port

Michael Brown mcb30 at ipxe.org
Tue Nov 17 23:03:55 UTC 2020

On 12/11/2020 12:56, Michael Schaller wrote:
> We do automated installation testing for a whole array of different
> hardware models (similar to https://autotest.github.io/).
> Each machine logs to a dedicated syslog endpoint so that we have one
> dedicated log per installation attempt per machine.
> We create these syslog endpoints on demand per installation attempt
> per machine on a central syslog service to collect the installer logs.
> As this central syslog service needs to provide many syslog endpoints
> at a given time we use whatever port is available when we create a new
> endpoint.
> A syslog endpoint will be given to the respective installer via an on
> demand created ipxe script and it would be nice if we could also
> collect the syslog of that on demand created ipxe script.
>> It wouldn't be a big code change to allow a custom port to be specified,
>> but I'd want to be convinced that it was necessary.
> I'm aware that this is an incredibly exotic setup and this would be a
> nice to have for us. So feel free to deny this feature request. ;-)

Thanks for the explanation.  It is a fairly exotic requirement.  I would 
be more comfortable implementing a more generic solution that e.g. 
allows a syslog URI to be specified, since that would allow for 
specifying a syslog server via DNS name as well as providing a port. 
Questions from me are therefore:

a) would a syslog URI setting work for your use case?

b) are you aware of any RFC (or similar) efforts to define a syslog URI?



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