[ipxe-devel] https booting

Michael Brown mcb30 at ipxe.org
Fri Jul 24 16:19:38 UTC 2020

On 22/07/2020 15:13, Daniel P. Berrangé wrote:
> We could easily define etc/ipxe/https/{ciphers,cacerts} paths in a
> different format if better suited for iPXE. Libvirt can set the right
> path depending on whether its booting a VM with EDK2 vs legacy BIOS

The most useful for iPXE would probably be to expose the fw_cfg 
mechanism as a URI scheme.  This would give a general mechanism allowing 
for use cases such as running a script provided by the host via e.g.

   chain fw_cfg:///opt/org.example/script.ipxe

The ${crosscert} setting could then be pointed at a base URL within the 
fw_cfg space, e.g.

   #define CROSSCERT "fw_cfg:///etc/ipxe/crosscert/auto"

This would then work in the same way under either BIOS or UEFI (or other 
custom firmware), would provide a feature with applicability broader 
than just obtaining certificates, and would avoid any potential problems 
from allocating enough RAM to parse every root certificate from iPXE's 
fixed 512kB internal heap.

What do you think?


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