[ipxe-devel] [ipxe/ipxe] fix EMBED: don't eagerly assign over non-empty value (#115)

Michael Brown notifications at github.com
Wed Jul 1 17:03:49 UTC 2020

@realtime-neil I'm planning to reject this change on the basis that all of the iPXE documentation suggests using the form `make EMBED=...` and that there are large numbers of other iPXE Makefile variables that function in the same way (ignoring environment variables).  The GNU make documentation explicitly recommends against relying upon environment variables to provide values.  The fact that it happens to work for `EMBEDDED_IMAGE` is an accident of history.

I have created https://github.com/danderson/netboot/pull/118 to fix `netboot` to use the documented `make EMBED=...` instead.

Hope that works for you!

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