[ipxe-devel] input/output error on iscsi sanboot from linux tgt

yilove Gao icafe880 at gmail.com
Mon Feb 17 16:28:48 UTC 2020

  I've got 2 Hyper-V guests; both running the current CoreOS server
test install (iso as of latest), and i'm trying to iSCSI boot
one from the other (on a CoreOS x86-64 host)

When I try to use the sanboot command on the client I do:

sanboot iscsi:
Could not open SAN device: Input/output error (http://ipxe.org/1d704439).

Both VMs have 1 net interfaces in 172.18.14.x; the server is

I've already dhcp'd OK, if I change any part of the iSCSI device name
it gives a device not found error, so it's talking to the server.

  The 1st one ('master1') is running the 'tgt' iSCSI target
stack, and serves a single LUN; here is it's create command:

tgtadm --lld iscsi --mode target --op new --tid 1 --targetname
tgtadm --lld iscsi --mode logicalunit --op new --tid 1 --lun 1
--backing-store iscsi-image --bstype rbd
tgtadm --lld iscsi --op bind --mode target --tid 1 -I ALL

and server is started with

tgtd -f

in it's upstart script.

The tgt is happy speaking to Microsoft iSCSI Software Initiator, I can
bring up a 3rd VM and it get it

 to mount the iSCSI device and it can see it.

any suggestions are welcome.

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