[ipxe-devel] Error "Could not select: Exec format error (2e008081)" while loading EFI images via HTTP/TFTP

Interresting Problem geert.stappers at hendrikx-itc.nl
Tue Sep 10 14:41:33 UTC 2019

On 10-09-2019 16:25, Felix Jacobi wrote:
> Mailing list subscriber wrote
> > The original posting, IIRC, had  || at the end of each line in the
> > iPXE script.
> > I did read the ||  as "or" and did ignore it.
> Yeah, that's correct. I don't remember the exact reason why I added the
> || , but it seems to prevent iPXE from exiting immediately if an error
> like the "Exec format error" one occurs. If remove trailing || from the
> commands, iPXE just hands over the control over the boot process to the
> firmware after the error is raised by the boot command.
> > How does iPXE script of OP behave without those  ||?
> Exactly the same behavior as before except for that the subsequently
> commands also complaining about the exec format error with the same message.

Time to visit https://community.iserv.eu/upload/eitae6OhM9oos0EyefeiNaxathoLoo4PhohPheijaiPiphoofeix5thoo3ogah8j/Picture%202.jpg again,
it reveals http://ipxe.org/err/7f048182

Cheers I.P.

I'm subscribed to mailinglist, no need to CC me

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