[ipxe-devel] Testing for sanboot feature on DHCP server

Johannes Thoma johannes at johannesthoma.com
Wed Jun 12 16:31:21 UTC 2019

Dear iPXE list,

I am using VirtualBox in order to boot diskless clients via WinDRBD
(www.github.com/LINBIT/WinDRBD). Virtual box has a built in iPXE
variant which does not support sanboot. We need sanboot in order
to boot and load Windows drivers until WinDRBD takes over. This
is currently done via http and a small cgi script on the server that
basically does a dd (disk dump) to stdout.

Is there a way to test if a iPXE variant supports sanboot?: what I would
like to do is something like (in /etc/dhcpd.conf):

if exists ipxe.sanboot-feature {
# sanboot enabled iPXE already running
         filename "";
         option root-path "";
} else {
# sanboot enabled iPXE not running yet, load it via boot command
         filename "";

However all features I've tried are either disabled on both iPXE builds
or enabled in both iPXE builds, thereby I can't distinguish between

I am using isc-dhcp-server on Linux. The DHCP server that comes with
VirtualBox is disabled.

Thanks for any insights,

Kind regards,

- Johannes
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