[ipxe-devel] Background image

Dean Westhead dean at westhead.net
Mon Jan 28 13:41:04 UTC 2019

Hi Michael,

Thats good to know that multiple files can be enbedded.

I still seem to be hitting a snag ....

I am building the ISO with :

make bin-i386-efi/ipxe.efi bin-x86_64-efi/ipxe.efi EMBED=nic-menu-eiso.ipxe,pic1.png
make bin/ipxe.eiso EMBED=nic-menu-eiso.ipxe,pic1.png

And the ISO builds without any errors.

The first few lines of the nic-menu-eiso.ipxe script are :

console --picture jlr-tcs3.png
cpair 0

And it really doesnt like that !

If I remove the --picture jlr-tcs3.png the menu comes up fine ( without the background image ), but it will not load with that option in there.

I get a message saying :

"Could not start download: Operation not supported (http://ipxe.org/3c092003)"

Yet once the network is configured, the next file chainloaded is from an http server with the same two lines at the top of the menu file and it loads the background image with no problems so I think I have compiled it with all the options I need.

Am I missing something that you can spot ....?


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On 28/01/2019 11:54, Dean Westhead wrote:
> I use a background PNG image for the menu's with no problems once the 
> network is configured and started and then the image can be pulled by http.
> Is there any way to have this background image load from the local ISO 
> created file so that it can be used before the network is started ?

Yes: you can embed extra files along with your embedded script, e.g.

   make bin/ipxe.iso EMBED=script.ipxe,logo.png

You can then use the embedded logo.png as your background, e.g.

   console --picture logo.png


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