[ipxe-devel] Default path in IPXE chain command

Lee Turchin lee.turchin at hitachivantara.com
Tue Jan 15 16:34:58 UTC 2019

I need to figure out the default search path for configuring IPXE

I receive an error that files cannot be located during TFTP boot.
Chain command in bootstrap.ipxe is the below.  Please note the first line- chain  Where is the /svc/boot directory location supposed to be on a CentOS 7 system? How do I change that to a viable directory and/or create that same directory with the correct files?

Thank you,

Lee turchin

chain${net0/mac:hexhyp}&net1=${net1/mac:hexhyp}&net2=${net2/mac:hexhyp}&net3=${net3/mac:hexhyp}&dhcp_mac=${dhcp_mac}&serial=${serial}&asset=${asset}&uuid=${uuid}&fact_boot_type=${platform} || goto error
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