[ipxe-devel] Problem with first steps in IPXE using wimboot

Vancek, Sascha (MSC) Sascha.Vancek at avnet.eu
Thu Sep 20 12:54:32 UTC 2018


is it possible to get help on that issue ?
I set up a system with Win Server 2016 and running DHCP, IIS and WDS on it.
I build the undionly.kpxe by with an embedded script to chainload to this server and run a boot.ipxe script where wimboot should be run ( all 2 files in my Webroot)
If I perform a PXE boot with the client the undionly.kpxe is loaded and I get also the message:
wimboot ... No such File or Directory  ...

I added the mime type on my ISS ( * ; application/octet-stream ) but this did not help.

I didn found the solution in the forum for that.

Sascha Vancek

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