[ipxe-devel] Transfer of a whole Dir with wimboot?

Oliver Rath oliver at greenunit.de
Sun Oct 28 21:33:48 UTC 2018

Hi Christian,

thank you for the fast answer! My idea was to transfer hardware-specific
driver files (depending on busid) dynamicly to the boot.wim-Image. Imho
the image *has* a directory-structure, although the overloading with
initrd can only put files into \Windows\System32.

Every windows NIC-driver has multiple files, so it would have been
comfortable to overload it in one step.

If I understand the second link (i dont know that) right, the overloaded
file is viewable in *every* dir?

Nevertheless, if the files only can loaded one by one, it is ok for me, too.



On 28.10.18 21:18, Christian Nilsson wrote:
> On Sun, 28 Oct 2018 at 21:11, Oliver Rath <oliver at greenunit.de> wrote:
>> Hi list,
>> is it possible to transfer a whole directory at once with wimboot/initrd
>> or do I have to transfer each file seperatly? Am I able to create a dir
>> with this mechanism?
> What is your end goal?
> There is no directory structure supported by wimboot (well there is,
> but you can't affect it since it is magic, see provided links)
> And also any injected file is just copied to system32 - without any
> structure available.
> for initrd, there is no way for it to load multiple files - maybe it
> would be possible on FTP or NFS, but there is no directory listing
> support in TFTP or HTTP so that would mostly be unused code - as such
> you will have to list files one by one that you want to load.
> https://ipxe.org/wimboot#injected_files
> https://ipxe.org/appnote/wimboot_architecture#the_wimboot_virtual_filesystem
> /Christian

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