[ipxe-devel] IPXE failing to boot with multiple cards

Michael Brown mcb30 at ipxe.org
Mon Mar 26 19:10:54 UTC 2018

On 24/03/18 18:39, randy silks wrote:
> I have 2 of the same type cards installed in a workstation, one has it’s 
> flash programmed with IPXE  the other does not.
> When the machine is booted it seems to pick up the unprogrammed cards 
> MAC address for use in booting.
> Booting into IPXE I find ifstat reports the unprogrammed cards MAC address.
> I would like to know if a flow chart for IPXE exists, or perhaps where 
> to look in the code for the area where this all happens?

What is the full output from "ifstat", and what are the PCI bus:dev.fn 
addresses of the two cards?



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