[ipxe-devel] RES: How to UEFI HTTP chainload using MS DHCP

Leandro Gustavo Biss Becker lbecker at positivo.com.br
Thu Dec 27 19:22:46 UTC 2018

Hi Tony,

You must configure the option 67 to the desired URL, like http://yourserverIP/ipxe.efi and also create an option 60 with value set to HTTPClient

To create a vendor class, I used the following value without quotation marks  "HTTPClient:Arch:00016" with Wildcard option checked. This indicates that a UEFI x64 HTTP device is booting.


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Hi iPXE,
     I'm trying UEFI HTTP chainload with a MS DHCP server and IIS. 
     I checked online document http://ipxe.org/appnote/uefihttp. It's for ISC. 
     Since I had a existing MS DHCP which successfully boot with TFTP chainload with iPXE, I still want to use it for UEFI HTTP chainload. 
     I tried to create a vendor class. Use 67 to lunch ipxe.efi and policy to lunch true boot.ipxe script. But nothing happened on the client when boot into DHCP query. 
     Would you please guide me to setup MS DHCP server for UEFI http Chainload? It's much much appreciated for any help.

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