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Hi, Christian,

Got it. I can build bin-x86_64-efi/snponly.efi for my test.


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On Mon, 10 Dec 2018 at 21:21, <George_Chang at wistron.com<mailto:George_Chang at wistron.com>> wrote:
Hi, iPXE developer,

We are trying to build up a test PXE server with your binaries to validate our systems’ IRQ setting.

I have some questions of output files of iPXE source code.

According to this table, there are lots of extensions can be chosen to be built.


Valid platforms




Headerless X86 assembly code, PXE- or NBP-booted, sometimes renamed to .0 to work on older DHCP/TFTP servers



EFI executable



Same as .pxe but will Keep the original UNDI stack/driver present. This is needed for undionlyref<http://forum.ipxe.org/showthread.php?tid=8127&pid=12812#pid12812>



Same as .kpxe but will not unload (Keep) the PXE base code. only use with buggy BIOSes



Builds with kernel header similar to Linux so it can be started by many bootloaders



Builds .lkrn and adds ISOLINUX to create CD-ROM image, can be started by many bootloaders



Direct executable i386 code put on a harddisk image (32KB blocks)



Direct executable i386 code put on a floppy disk image (512 Byte blocks)



Padded .dsk to work with loaders that requires exact size such as iLO


pcbios, efi

Same as .dsk for pcbios, in efi mode it's an 1440K image with partition and [driver].efi added as /efi/boot/boot[arch].efi, mostly used for making USB stick images



File intended to be flashed into PCI-based NIC ROM



File intended to be flashed into PCI-based NIC ROM. See notes for ''.mrom''<http://ipxe.org/download#large_rom_images>



Same as .rom



File intended to be flashed into ISA-based NIC ROM, must be used with e.g. VirtualBox



Driver for NIC which can be used by other EFI firmware



File intended to be flashed into NIC ROM for EFI



Linux ELF executable, use for tests and tap drivers

If we want to build a binary has the same function of Undionly.kpxe but supports UEFI network IPV4/IPV6, which extension should we choose?

Table is from https://ipxe.org/appnote/buildtargets#boot_type
Which function of undionly.kpxe are you referring to?
undionly refers to the driver, so if you read the driver section from the same page you will find this:
§  snponly similar to undionly but for efi uses snp (Simple Network Protocol) or nii (Network Interface

Identifier Protocol) provided by something else in EFI land, should only find and boot the specific NIC device it was chained from.
§  snp same as snponly but tries to boot all devices and not just the one it was chained via, this is also included in ipxebuilds


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